About us

There are two types of automotive reviews out there today:

  1. ORGANIZED PRESS – You, the carmaker, pay us to put ads in our channel (Social Media, Newspaper, Magazine, etc), we write about you. Yes, there is an inherent conflict of interest, if you don’t write good things, well….
  2. THIRD PARTY REVIEWERS – We’re neutral, we don’t take paid advertisements. But given the barriers to becoming one is so low, there are so many of them out there, including “enthusiast” forums.

We hope to be the third kind.

We use the inputs from both types of reviewers, but put out a balanced perspective. We don’t take paid advertisements, if we do, we’ll tag that as one (not advertorial, not disclaimer: they paid for everything except my views).

We hope to make sense of the clutter, and give you on definitive view. Not ours, not theirs, but the one that matters to you – the average car buyer.

Started by normal folk, with advanced engineering degrees, who worked in the auto industry and an MBA, we hope to cut through the marketing jargon to present reviews for what they ought to be, reviews. Hopefully, you can make informed decisions with our insight.

And yes, we’ll remain anonymous, just to ensure we are fair and not easy to discredit.